SethSpirit Alchemy Design offers web and print design services for individuals, small-medium businesses, and non-profit organizations.  Spirit Alchemy Design is owned and operated by Seth Miller.

The mission of Spirit Alchemy Design is to promote the web and print presence of individuals and businesses that have an interest in making our world a better place through their offerings of unique talents, products, services, or information.

Spirit Alchemy Design stands behind and for practices which foster the better aspects of human nature, including sustainable and conscious business practices, holistic, spiritual, and integrative perspectives.

About the name:

Spirit: the part of ourselves from which our ideals arise, and which connects us directly to what lies beyond ourselves

Alchemy: the rhythmic art of transformation that connects the Above and Below

Design: the art of meaningful, intentional connection of diverse elements into a whole

Thus, Spirit Alchemy Design: working towards the creation of meaningful wholes with roots in the practicalities of the everyday world and fruits in the ideals of the spirit.

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